maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

Beads, lots of beads!!!

Sain ihastuttavan paketin Secret Palilltani. Paljon helmiä, VK, ihanan puseron ohje, suklaata ja Malabrigo lankaa!!! Kiitos!!

I got this fabulous parcel from my SP. Lots of beads, VK, lovely blouse pattern, chocolate and Malabrigo yarn!!! Thank you! I love it!!

ps. Kohta jotain valmistakin neulerintamalla!

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littlelixie kirjoitti...

I got my parcel - I absolutely the yarn! (And the licorice!) The colour is perfect and I've been looking online for info about Kainuu which sounds like an amazing place. I can't wait to knit somethng with it. It's just turning colder here so it's brilliant timing. Thanks for being *such* a great pal xx